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Electrical Maintenance combined with installation and repair

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On Call Electrical has years of experience in this field and works with our certified electrical team to give services. With the aim of offering 100% satisfaction, you can count on us and think of our staff as your one-stop solution for all your electrical repairs and installation needs in Melbourne.
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    Licensed services

    Minor and severe difficulties with sophisticated electrical issues must be treated equally. In the business world, it is best to solve a small problem right away rather than wait until it becomes a major problem that may or may not affect you now.

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    Preventive maintenance

    A building's maintenance program also includes preventive care. This strategy often comprises a skilled electrician inspecting significant systems and equipment on a regular basis.

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    Outlets and surge protectors

    Both the internal stability and structural soundness of these supply sources are examined. The maintenance schedule often calls for routine replacement of fluorescent lighting that has burned out.

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