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assistance when in need

With a team of dedicated and insured electricians, we'll work in an emergency situation to provide emergency electrical service or troubleshoot any routine electrical issues in your house, apartment, or business. Our 24 hour emergency electrician Melbourne will even offer tips on how to prevent problems before they ever happen. Call us and let us keep you connected.
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    Seasoned professionals

    Electrical breakdowns can occur in any place at any time, without warning. It may occur to you that you are all alone, and no one is around who can assist you. The good news is there are after hours electrician Melbourne to provide you breakdown services that will be right on the spot. We are always ready to respond to customers' needs.

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    Power factor adjustment

    To make sure your device is working to its best ability, we can provide routine servicing for PFC equipment. By conserving your PFC unit, you can prevent the higher costs that come with a PFC that isn't functioning well.

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    Electrical audits of switchboards

    We offer switchboard assessments on-site to lessen your risk of unplanned power interruptions. We make sure all of your electrical equipment is legal, effective, and secure, minimising the chance of a malfunction.

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