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At On Call Electrical we never compromise with standard equipments for usage, we engage our customers and make sure complete transparency work with them to have relief feelings and last thing we always make sure our customers safety first.

Our Safe Electrician Services

Our experienced electricians are highly trained in all aspects of electrical service, from office lighting and security systems to emergency repair. Your Best Option in Electrical Contractors 24/7
Electrical Power Checking Machine
Switchboard Installations

Unarguably switchboard is the central hub of your home's electrical system. Power travels from the street to your switchboard and then branches out to various circuits in and around your home. Our switchboard upgrades service in Melbourne will keep your home safe and sound.

Light Installation
Light Installation

Every room in your home is illuminated perfectly with great home lighting. For spaces such as the lounge room or bedrooms, soft, muted, indirect ambient light is excellent, while bright task lighting is required for zones such as the kitchen or office. More lights brings more positive energy.

Electrical Services
Smoke Alarms Installation

At On Call Electrician, our team also installs upgrades or repairs smoke detectors in Melbourne. Smoke detectors are fortification against fire. Smoke detectors alert you to trouble at the first breath of smoke and lower the chance of mortality by half if properly installed and maintained.

Power Point Installation
Powerpoint Installations

Outlets that provide electricity to your gadgets and devices are known as powerpoints. Unfortunately, many families do not have enough power outlets. Alternatively, they are positioned in inconvenient areas. Lexity can provide and install electrical outlets around your property.

Electrical Wiring Services
Fault Finding

We provide services in areas like residential, commercial, and industrial to help you deal with any Fault failure. Our service coordinators take customer calls with a-grade electricians on call. They will ask the customer questions to gather relevant information for an assessment.

Electrical Maintenance Services
Electrical Maintenance

With years of experience in this industry, On Call Electrician provide services with the help of our licensed and erudite electricians. You can rely on us and consider our team to be your one-stop solution for all your electric needs with the goal of providing 100% satisfaction.

Wire Fixing

With a team of veteran and dedicated electricians, we work round the clock and provide any emergency services. Whether you’re looking for routine electrical work done by a skilled professional or to tackle an emergency, call On Call electrician. We are expert with wire fixing.

Electrical Wiring Work

Whether it is a constructed home or an old home, both need rewiring. This work can be done only by a qualified electrician who knows all the electrical know-how. Our team of expert electricians do electrical rewiring to help you control the lad in a better way.

Electrical Power Checking Machine
Electrical Inspection

An electrical inspection is a procedure carried out by a licensed electrician to check for any potential electrical hazards within a house. Overloaded circuits, defective smoke alarms, and potential fire hazards, as well as if your circuitry complies with applicable requirements, are all examples.

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