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Modernized switchboard
installation services

The switchboard installation is unquestionably the heart of your house's electrical system. Various circuits in and around your home are connected by branches of power that run from the street to your switchboard. Your home will remain safe and secure with the help of our switchboard upgrades in Melbourne. Our knowledgeable technicians will examine your electrical system to make sure it is functioning properly.
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    Safety switcboard installation

    If you need your safety switches replaced or any maintenance, look no further than our safety switchboard replacement services in Melbourne.

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    Flickering lights

    Call our switchboard repairs services quickly when you have a problem with an electrical fault at home. Even for the slightest problem of flickering lights, our electrical switchboard upgrade team will assist you.

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    Smell from the wire

    In order to reduce any problems brought on by the wire's odor, we additionally offer quarterly or monthly inspections. On Call Electrician's switchboard installation team is here to assist you in having your switchboard installations completed appropriately.

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